After years of being a square peg trying to fit in round holes it became obvious that the effort just wasn't worth it. God said "Stop doing that!" But here's the thing: I know lots and lots of other people who've tried to fit in with the church without much success but to varying degrees pain, shame and apathy. This show is for them. It's an effort to let people who might not otherwise have the opportunity hear (or overhear) good news.

Each week listeners will get a bit of prayer, a bit of scripture reflection, some music, maybe a few other things if I get creative. Most weeks—God willing and schedules allowing—there will also be an interview. I have no idea what it will be about. You are solemnly advised and warned that the language goes where it goes. Conventional propriety ain't my bag.

About the name: the God I know is somebody you meet down at the crossroads, very much embedded in the world and encountered in surprise and strangeness. Jesus comes like a stranger in the night. He's also the God of strange people, weirdos and non-conformists. If this show is about nothing else it's about hearing God's word in a new and strange way in order to meet God the same way. Because you, my little strangers, you deserve nothing less.